GPO PR100 Premium Series Vinyl Turntable

$259.99 $199.99




The GPO PR100 is a sleek, minimalist two speed turntable built for you to have complete control over your sound.

SIGNATURE LOOK: From the clear lid to the premium silver and chrome features, this record player would look at home anywhere.

2-SPEED RECORD PLAYER: The turntable player plays vinyl records at two speeds – 33 and 45 RPM – so you can play your albums and singles without any hassle.

BLUETOOTH TRANSMITTER: The Bluetooth transmitter allows you to connect to a Bluetooth amplifier, such as the PR200, or to an active speaker so you can enjoy your music without the fuss of wires!

SUPER FEATURES: It features a counterweight, anti-skating control, tonearm lift level, Audio Technica cartridge, Auto-Stop and Auto-Return arm, pitch control, phono preamp, and RCA cable lineout, hence making it an ideal choice.

ULTIMATE SOUND CONTROL: If you already own your own phono pre-amp and you really want to use that to control how your vinyls sound, the PHONO EQ switch on the back allows you to bypass the internal pre-amp. Just set it to “THRU” and you’re in charge!


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