Running Home – Cochren & Co. – LP


Running Shoes vinyl album from Cochren and Co. This album was just released July 2023. This record has 10 tracks including The Final Say (feat. Josh Baldwin). 


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Running Home by Cochren & Co. Vinyl Album 

Band Members:

The band is made up of a husband and wife Michael and Leah Cochren, Tanner Brooks, Jake Headley and Michael Mathis. Michael Cochren is a singer, songwriter and worship leader.

About the Album:

The album was released July 2023. Michael Cochren, the lead of Cochren & Co. shared that “this album is all about running into the arms of God.”

Track List:

Side A: A Heart On Fire, A Wind At My Back

  1. Running Home
  2. By Our Love
  3. The Lows
  4. Thank God For Sunday Morning
  5. Be There For You

Side B: A Sunrise Painted On The Eastern Sky, A Fever Breaking In The Morning Light

  1. Good Memories
  2. Parking Lot
  3. Through the Night
  4. The Final Say (feat. Josh Baldwin)
  5. Future Glory


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